Overview of the program

Included in the program:

The Keeada Trainee Program is designed to provide recent graduates or career seekers with a strong foundation for their future careers. Trainees have the opportunity to gain experience and skills in various business areas, such as project methodology, marketing, leadership, entrepreneurship, finance and economics, systems and administration, and organizational design.

Jumpstart your career

The trainee program lasts 3 to 6 months and provides various learning opportunities, including project methodology, management, and the unique Keeada Academy way of working. Trainees also have the chance to specialize in a specific business area and are guided by experienced mentors throughout the program.

Personal and Professional Growth

The Keeada Academy provides an action plan for trainees to achieve personal and professional growth. Trainees gain insight into Keeada’s operations and build a network of key individuals. They also gain valuable experience in project management and work on stimulating tasks that promote personal development. Mentoring in leadership and project management is also available, as well as the opportunity to expand one’s professional network.

Team Training and Mentoring

The Academy Program provides team training and supervisors and mentors in various fields, including management, finance/economics, systems and administration, communication, entrepreneurship, and organizational development. With the Academy Program, trainees are well-equipped to succeed in their future careers.

Future Opportunities

As accepted in Marketplace Lab’s trainee program, you can participate in and promote highly current developments in business and social economics, a broad national and international network, and varied tasks with unlimited development opportunities. The trainee program is intended to lead to permanent full-time employment or starting your own company with the possibility of becoming a future Keeada partner, supplier, or developer. 

Join the Next Generation of Business Leaders

The Keeada Trainee Program is an excellent opportunity for recent graduates or career seekers to gain experience and skills in various business areas. With the guidance of experienced mentors and team training in various fields, trainees are well-equipped to succeed in their future careers. The program also provides opportunities for personal and professional growth and the chance to expand one’s professional network and explore future opportunities.

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