1. Introduction

2. Purpose

3. Ownership of the website

4. User terms and conditions

5. Personal data policy

6. Cookies

7. User aggreement violations

8. Disclaimer

9. Jurisdiction

10. Contact

Legal information


These user terms and conditions apply to www.keeada.com. Please read all terms carefully before proceeding. By accepting these terms, you agree to enter into a legally binding agreement with Keeada AB, organization number 559245-1958. If you do not accept our terms, do not give your consent, and the website and its services cannot be used in such a situation. If you wish to terminate the agreement, you can do so by contacting Keeada support. Information about Keeada’s handling of personal data is available on the website. The below-mentioned terms may be subject to change. Before any changes take effect, users will be notified as follows:

Information about Keeada’s handling of your personal data is available on the website. You will receive and confirm your receipt of this information at your first purchase.


The purpose of the website is as follows:

The purpose of the website is to provide information about our products and support our customers with any questions or issues.


The website is owned and managed by Keeada AB as a legal entity based in Stockholm.


a) It is unacceptable to behave offensively, threateningly, discriminately, pornographically,

or indecently on the website.

b) Additional obligations of users:

As a customer, you guarantee and undertake to use this website in a manner that is compatible with all rules and regulations in these terms and to comply with all existing and future updated guidelines and rules for the website.


a) The website is committed to complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which aims to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals.

b) Personal data that may be processed:

By accepting these user terms and conditions, the user agrees to the processing of personal data as follows:

Personal data is any information that can be used to identify an individual. Examples of this may include basic information about you such as your name and contact information, as well as click history.

We ensure that your personal data is always protected with us, and that the processing complies with both applicable data protection regulations, internal guidelines, and procedures. On these pages, we describe how and why we process your personal data, as well as what rights you have. Sensitive personal data is not allowed to be collected and processed.

c) How the personal data will be processed:

The personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

It is important for us at Keeada AB (“Keeada” or “we”) that you feel secure about how we handle your personal data. Therefore, we are open about how we collect, process, and share the information that we store about you with us. We never sell your personal data to other companies.

d) Third party:

Users’ personal data will not be disclosed to third parties unless required by mandatory rules or court orders.

e) Period during which personal data will be retained:

The personal data may only be stored for as long as necessary for the purpose and for ongoing active cases, at the latest.

f) Encryption:

The website has an SSL certificate (Secure Socket Layer) that ensures that users’ personal data is transmitted in a secure and confidential manner by encrypting the information.

g) User Rights

Right to Register Extract

After providing consent, users have the right to receive a register extract with confirmation on whether their personal data is being processed. If the personal data is being processed, users have the right to access it. The register extract is requested from Keeada AB. The register extract is provided in written form, either digitally or by post.

Right to Information and Right to Correction

After providing consent, users have the right to contact Keeada AB to find out which personal data is stored and to have incorrect information corrected. If any information is missing, users also have the right to supplement it.

Right to Restriction of Processing

In certain cases, a person whose personal data is concerned can demand that the processing of their data is restricted. This is the case, for example, when the person in question has already requested correction due to incorrect information. During this time, the processing of the incorrect information can also be restricted.

Data Portability

In certain cases, a person who has provided their personal data has the right to have it transferred to another service provider, for example, a media service. The party who initially received the personal data must facilitate such a transfer.

Right to Object

In certain cases, a person has the right to object to how their personal data is being processed. This applies when the personal data is being processed to perform a task of public interest, as part of exercising official authority, or after a balancing of interests.

Right to Erasure

Users have the right to have their personal data erased if they so wish. There are exceptions to this right, but the data must be erased in the following cases:

If the data is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was collected,
If consent is withdrawn,
If the personal data is used for direct marketing and the user objects to it,
If there are no legitimate reasons that outweigh the individual’s interest in deleting the information,
If the personal data has been processed unlawfully,
If deletion is required to fulfill a legal obligation,

If a user wishes to have their personal data deleted, they should contact us by phone or email.


The website uses cookies. This means that information may be stored in users’ browsers when they visit the website. The purpose of this is for the website to recognize a user’s computer, compile statistics, and in turn improve the user experience.

A cookie is a small text file that makes it possible to identify a user’s communication device without storing personal data. There are two types of cookies, time-limited and session cookies. Time-limited cookies are stored for a longer period of time and can, for example, be used to display content that the user may have missed previously. Session cookies are deleted when the website/browser is closed. This type of cookie can store information such as the chosen language and allows users to not have to choose this again each time they navigate the website.

Cookies are used on the website for the following purpose(s):

Your data is used within Keeada AB to manage, protect and develop our systems and services, such as troubleshooting, logging, developing, testing and improving our systems and services.

Users must actively accept receiving cookies. If no acceptance is given, users may experience problems on www.keeada.com. A person who wishes to avoid cookies or wants to be notified before they are stored can change this themselves in the settings on their device.


A user who violates the terms and conditions stated in these user terms will be handled as follows:

If the breach of contract is minor, the user will be suspended from the website, and if it is a serious breach of contract, the user will be permanently banned.


Keeada AB, which owns the website, www.keeada.com, disclaims the following legal responsibilities:

To the extent not prohibited by law, Keeada AB shall not be held liable for loss of data or punitive damages related to the material on the website.


The website, www.keeada.com, is operated from Sweden, and the user terms are governed by Swedish law.


For questions regarding the website and its content, please contact us at legal@keeada.com.